Joanne Station

Licensed Massage Therapist

Serving the Wellness of Santa Barbara

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Serving the Wellness of Santa Barbara's Women, Children, Elders & Workforce

[See below for treatments available during COVID-19]

From private sessions with women and youth, to educating parents on how to massage their infants, to providing business teams with in-office/workplace seated massage, to bringing healing touch to senior living...learn more about my commitment to bringing the gift of touch to our community.

Women, Children & Elders Wellness

Treatments range from 30 to 90 minutes and are customized to meet each client's needs. Modalities include traditional Swedish massage, neuromuscular/trigger point therapy, myofascial release, reflexology, vibrational re-balancing, scar tissue manipulation and subtle energy work. I also offer techniques to address abdominal discomfort and dysfunction, and intra-oral TMJ release (for tight jaws and tinnitus).

[Women's massage available in outdoor home visit only]  For women (of any age):  Therapeutic massage is an incredible means of self-care, allowing for fuller engagement and joy in everyday life. Many women schedule it into their monthly wellness regimen. For those who are pregnant, massage can ease months of discomfort, help prepare the body for childbirth and allow for a richer, more vibrant transition into the role and embodiment of motherhood.

I also bring to Santa Barbara the specialized practice of Restorative Breast Therapy  (RBT). This powerful modality addresses conditions ranging from breast tenderness and pain, to the implications of breast cancer treatment, to recovery from augmentation, reduction or reconstruction. It addresses tissue trauma, scar reduction, lymphatic movement, and the many physical and emotional levels of healing through the often neglected care of a woman's breasts. [RBT limited during COVID-19]

[Massage for youth is available in outdoor home visit only, with parent on-site]  For youth: Massage can help the body in athletic performance and recovery, in relieving muscles from repetitive strain such as playing musical instruments, and in settling the nervous system as it responds to the myriad challenges of maturation. All youth treatment begins with a medical/wellness review and a parent's signed release. A parent may remain during treatment and may choose to learn techniques to use with their child at home. With ultimate attention to modesty and respectful boundaries (including a level of clothing that is most comfortable for the child), nurturing touch creates safe space for a youngster to relax and let go of  stress, trauma and angst. 

[Infant massage instruction on hold during COVID-19]  For babies (generally three weeks to one year old): I teach the benefits and practice of connecting with your little one through the amazing experience of human touch. Offered for one child/parent at a time or for small groups of babies and their parents, this hands-on, interactive session is bound to be an adventure in flow and joyful discovery!

[Massage for many elders on hold during COVID-19, depending on risk factors] For elders (and folks experiencing serious illness or recovery): Along with all the benefits massage can offer to most anyone (including improved circulation and immune function, increased flexibility and muscle function, less stress and a greater sense of wellbeing), many people of advanced years or physical challenges experience improved overall mobility and engagement with their surroundings and less reliance on pain medications. Each session is carefully adapted to the medical and wellness needs of the client, and can be performed in the therapist's office or in an individual's home or group residence.

Table Massage

All rates include $25 fee for home visit (conducive outdoor space required)

45 min.       $95

60 min.      $115

75 min.      $135

90 min.     $150

Restorative Breast Therapy

1st Session (75 min., includes a comprehensive intake/assessment/planning consultation):     $135

Add'l sessions:
See Table Massage rates

Infant Massage Instruction

[Currently unavailable] 

Workplace Wellness

Employees are the lifeblood of any thriving business. One way to acknowledge the value and contribution of your team is through workplace massage. Generally 20-minutes per person, this seated, fully clothed massage provides both relaxation and rejuvenation - increasing focus, clarity and creativity, while relieving stress and easing muscle aches and pains (especially from sitting at a desk or computer).  Note that this gift may positively influence your karma. 

[Currently available outdoors only]

Workplace Massage

$25 per 20-min. massage

(Two massages per hour; 

Minimum 2 hours/$100)

Call for more information.

"As a holiday gift to my 15 employees, I brought Joanne in to give massage to those who wanted it—everyone opted in! Joanne set up a lovely “spa spot” in a quiet section of our office and efficiently worked on person after person, totally in flow with the needs of our busy staff. Everyone on my team came away feeling blissed out and relieved of some of the stress that’s inherent in our work. It was one of the best things I could have done for my team and I’d highly recommend it to others." -Elizabeth Owen, President, Serbin Creative