Joanne Station

Licensed Massage Therapist

Serving the Wellness of Santa Barbara

(208) 860-8555

In service to the community of Santa Barbara

Joanne Station, LMT

My massage career began in 2010 in Boise, Idaho after studying energy movement through "the peaceful martial art" of Aikido and assisting in the co-creation of Three Oaks Academy of Healing Arts. In addition to private practice and clinical work alongside physical therapists, I worked with women of the Boise refugee community to cultivate peace and wellness through healing touch as they integrated into their new lives. I've cradled critically vulnerable newborns in Intensive Care and supported humans approaching the later stages of life, facilitating workshops around death and dying (and the invariably linked focus on the gift of life).

In 2017, with a passion to learn more about the healing wisdom of the world, I joined a Holistic Practices team in the tiny mountain community of Jackson Hole, north of Beijing, China. 2018-2019 saw me studying holistic / retreat centers throughout the U.S., including Omega Institute in New York, Breitenbush Hot Springs in Oregon and Saratoga Springs Retreat Center in Northern California, where I served as Events Manager. 

I've returned to Santa Barbara to reconnect with the land and the ocean's life-giving essence, bringing a unique array of skills, knowledge and wisdom endowed by generous friends and teachers who believe in raising the tide that floats all boats. I hope to be of service to you or someone you love or care for. May you be well and at peace.

Located in downtown Santa Barbara at SB Interiors

You'll find the massage studio inside the beautiful environs of Santa Barbara Interiors, at 10 East Figueroa Street in downtown Santa Barbara (across the street from La Arcada). A small community of designers and personal service providers infuses the space with creative and compassionate energy that will invite you back again and again. 

We welcome you! 

Parking: There is 75-minute parking on the street and municipal parking lots on Figueroa St. and Anacapa St. 

Late Cancellations: We have a 24-hour rescheduling policy. If you need to reschedule, please let us know within
that timeframe or a full charge for the appointment will apply.